Sharon Gallimore
Broker Liaison Co-ordinator
Posted on 12/10/16 12:05pm

With National Customer Service week falling in October, I wanted to take a step back from my usual duties to think about what Lawshield are doing in respect of delivering a good customer service. It has often been said that if we experience a good customer service we will relay this to roughly three people we know; however, if the service is poor we will tell up to 10 others. Sounds high, doesn’t it? Word of mouth recommendations and referrals play a very important part in gaining new business partners; for us: Brokers and Insurers. How we handle customer claims is highly important.

With our Motor Legal Expenses being the best-selling insurance product, it seemed natural to begin to look at the motor claims area and accident management.  I spoke to Dave Berry, Claims Manager, to ask what he considered was good customer service. Previously having worked at Aviva, Dave is very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with claims; he has only worked with us for 3 months, a relative ‘newbie’, so he was very open and wanted to share past experiences.

”Good customer service, when claims-handling is being, honest, knowing the product and having a willingness to deal with the customer in a non-scripted, individual and personal manner.”

Delivering more than what the customer expects will have a positive effect and providing a ‘feel-good factor’ is beneficial as they will remember you and tell others, thus strengthening your brand. Furthermore, the customer is more likely to renew the insurance product if they are more than satisfied with how you handled the claim; if the unfortunate happens again, they know they’re in safe hands.

Also consider: promoting the customer service message and views internally, rewarding staff, having an easy claims process for the customer, providing regular updates, customer service training and PDP's for staff and, ultimately, focusing on the customer; all of which will have a positive impact. Ask yourself, ‘Have you listened to, and exceeded the customer’s expectations?’

Technology also plays an important part in the customer experience; having a swift claims journey is key, offering a choice of how the customer can access advice, support and information that they need when and wherever they want, with a proactive approach to communication.

At Lawshield, we are heavily focused on delivering good customer service and our dedicated personal claims handlers are passionate in what they do. We work in partnership with Insurers, MGA’s and Brokers to provide an outsourced claims management facility, provision of ancillary products and  we are proud to have received so many commendations for our good service:-

“I really appreciate the time and effort you have afforded this case. Thanks for updating me and well done on a great example of considered claims handling” 

“Just wanted to send you an email, to thank you for your help, over the bank holiday, especially every business was closed.  I was originally told I would get a call back after the holidays and be stuck at my destination till Tuesday, however, you called me back within 15 mins, so very professional. Thank you so much for your help and support in this horrible situation I was in. You are a great credit to your company”

“Thank you for your hassle free, efficient and friendly service”.

If you would like to take advantage of our excellent claims service provision and outsource your claims handling then please get in touch today by calling 01925 444 847.