Sharon Gallimore
Broker Liaison Co-ordinator
Posted on 26/08/15 2:29pm

Remember to offer GAP Insurance to your customers who are purchasing the new 65 plate vehicles. Lawshield can provide cover from as little as £23.51 net (excludes broker commission and IPT) for a vehicle valued up to £15,000 for a 12 month term, or £89.69 net over a 48 month term.

Motor dealers are likely to charge more for this cover and will be applying a tax rate of 20% compared to 6% when purchased through the Broker. Also, motor dealers will now have to advise the consumer that they can look elsewhere to purchase the cover before finalising any GAP sale.

Brokers - Don't miss out! 

Increase your revenue, highlight the substantial savings for your customers and offer GAP insurance.

For further information please refer to the Motor section of our site, or contact Sharon Gallimore -