About Us

Lawshield has been trading for nearly 20 years and has grown organically without merger or acquisition to become a leading national provider of ancillary insurance products and sales solutions during that period.

At Lawshield our success has been built on our ability to understand and adapt swiftly to changing marketing conditions.

We have been able to retain key prestige accounts by constantly evolving the services we offer, in terms of product design, delivery and by providing a unique, award winning claims service behind the products.

We recognise that our business model needs to adapt to service the needs of our clients, to be flexible in our approach and we are constantly striving to develop and improve the technical support, training and systems, to enhance the experience of our broker and affinity partners and their customers journey.

Our mission is to continue to expand our team of insurance professionals, our expertise and to be able to compete in the digital age where the market expects fault free technical delivery and reliability.

We will not lose sight of the reality that communication fosters trust and confidence and we need to tell our clients about what we do, be prepared to put in time and commitment to get our message across.

We must maintain standards for all our existing customers and strive to attract new business but never to the detriment of our existing portfolio.

K Specter
Managing Director
Lawshield UK

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