Brand awareness is key to the growth of many businesses and to grow that brand takes time and is expensive. At Connexus we believe you have already done the hard part in building your brand and customer base – the rest is just logistics and a good marketing strategy.

You can be sure as to the value of our insurance products which are all underwritten
by UK based A rated insurers.

Let us build your affinity solution and we will share our expertise and software solutions to enable you to swiftly, and profitably, benefit from the client base you have so painstakingly built and most importantly we will provide that solution to you in brand.

Our support does not end there because insurance sales lead to claims; we will handle those claims swiftly and efficiently through our UK based claims department and maintain the customer claims journey in your brand throughout.

In order to sustain volume, we can manage the marketing elements of the product on your behalf with email campaigns, mobile solutions, web marketing initiatives and provide support with responsive MI, to track sales and products to enable you to make the best choices to promote growth and moving forward.

From day one of our association with you, we will help you holistically with any or all of the following services:-

Lawshield have been trading for 20 years and all our staff have the minimum of 5 years web, sales, insurance or claims experience. We can provide impeccable references for our work with various leading companies. We are proactive, economical, supportive and within a few months you will gain extensive additional income from a branded insurance programme supported by leading industry professionals who are committed to understanding your requirements and who will deliver as promised.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, telephone our affinity sales team on: 01925 444847

Alternatively email us