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The scope of cover we offer under Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance is among the widest available for unexcepted legal costs. This includes repossession of the property, recovering unpaid rent, and more. Landlord legal expenses covers landlords for more than just the basic needs. As being a landlord can come with its unexpected challenges, this premium cover gives them peace of mind.


Under our ‘Bronze Cover’ your client is covered for…

Legal and Tax helplines

Legal and tax helplines is a brilliant part of the cover, where we provide access to qualified specialists experienced in handling a range of legal related issues under UK law. It also provides access to advice on tax related issues under UK law.

This helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it’s there for landlords when they need it most. It’s a great source of confidential advice.


Rent recovery

Being able to recover unpaid rent can be extremely beneficial, especially when experiencing unreliable tenants. Some landlords rely on their tenants rent for their own income, so losing this can be quite distressing.

When we look into recovering rent, it is subject to the outstanding rent being greater than £1,000 and being overdue by more than 14 days. It’s essential that claims are submitted within 45 days of the rent becoming due.

Partial payment may be accepted; however, the tenant should have warning in writing that their acceptance doesn’t prevent any further action being taken against them.


Property damage

It can cost a lot of time and money to make sure that a house is ready to let, so it’s less than ideal when tenants damage the property. With the landlord’s legal expenses Insurance, we will pursue the landlord’s rights over physical damage to their let property and/or its contents.

We will take on this case if the value of the claim is greater than £1,000 and if the landlord has a detailed inventory dating to before the start of the tenancy.



In the event of nuisance, we will pursue the landlord’s rights if there is interference with the use, enjoyment or right over their let property, as well as the land on which it resides. If the claim relates to the boundary of the property, there must be evidence of where the boundary lies.

Property disputes

Property disputes can be stressful, especially when both parties are in a strong disagreement. Landlord legal expenses insurance will defend a landlord in relation to the use or maintenance of the let property.

They’ll also be covered for the non-payment of service charges, with cover limited to 75% of the amount in dispute. Also included in this is the commonhold and leasehold reform act 2002 or as amended.

When it comes to property disputes under this policy, they are subject to service charges if the amount in dispute exceeds £1,000. Please note as well that your client will suffer a financial loss if they do not pursue or defend the claim.



We will pursue or defend a contract arising from the purchase or hire of goods used for the benefit of the let property. This also covers the purchase or hiring of services relating to the repair, refurbishment, or renovation of the let property.

Contracts are put in place to protect both the buyer and consumer, however sometimes things don’t pan out as expected. This is where landlord legals expenses cover comes into place.

This is subject to any work that has been carried out during the period of insurance, and the amount in dispute exceeds £1,000 and the value of the contract is no more than £100,000. The cover is limited to 75% of the value of the amount of the dispute.


Health & safety

We all know how important health and safety is, which is why we will pursue or defend disputes relating to a prosecution brought under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 in a court of criminal jurisdiction.

This also covers an appeal against the service of an improvement or Prohibition Notice under the Health and Safety Act 1974, in regards to the let property.


Tax investigations

If a landlord finds themselves needing tax investigations, our cover is here for them. We will work with their accountant and an appointed solicitor to prepare for the investigation and provide a detailed explanation of their returns and the amounts claimed.

If a landlord has legal expense cover, we will represent them if HMRC serve a formal notice to carry out a tax enquiry into their self-assessment tax return. However, this is excluding any business tax affairs, routine matters not connected with a formal investigation, tax avoidance schemes, and also defending any criminal prosecutions.

Again, this is subject to all returns being made at the due time and the landlord must have maintained proper, complete, truthful, and up to date records.



With repossession, we will pursue the insured’s rights to obtain physical possession of the landlord’s let property. For example, if their tenants have disappeared without paying their rent, and they are uncontactable, this is when the landlord can make a claim.

This will only take place if notice has been served properly, and if the landlord has fulfilled their obligations under the tenancy agreement. Possession is also subject to the claim being reported within 45 days of the rent becoming due.



It can be frustrating when tenants cause a landlord multiple problems, and they have no option but to evict them.  Our landlord legal expenses insurance will cover the expenses incurred in evicting the Tenant from the let property. This is providing that contact has been made with the tenant and any guarantor within seven days if any rent is overdue to establish the reason for the arrears.

We also need to make sure that if the tenant or guarantor cannot be contacted, that the notice is served to inspect the property. The landlord should have also served the tenant the required statutory notices.


Silver and Gold Cover

The above as well as:

Rent Guarantee

If a landlord relies on rent payments from their let properties, it can be really distressing when payments are missed. This is why with the Silver Cover and Gold Cover, we will pay 30 days in arrears, unpaid rent due under the tenant up to a maximum of 12 months, after the deduction of any deposit paid.

This is subject to the claim being reported within 45 days of the rent becoming due, and a full month’s rent being in arrears.


Platinum Cover

The above as well as:

Vacant Possession

Under this policy we will pay 75% of the monthly rent for a maximum of two months, or until the let property is re-let, whichever happens first. This is subject to the claim being reported within 45 days of the rent becoming due.

This can be particularly helpful if a previously evicted tenant has caused considerable damage, and the property will need extensive repairs before it can be relet again.


Why choose Lawshield for landlord legal expenses cover?

Landlord’s legal expenses cover means that landlords can rest easy knowing that they’re covered should any of the above issues arise. Here at Lawshield we have over 26 years of experience with insurance products and claims management solutions within the insurance market.

Make sure to contact us today to speak to a friendly member of our team. From here our team of experts are here to run you through the products we offer. We work with A rated insurers, so you know that your clients are getting the best.

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